Industrial Cladding

How Cladding Cleaning Helps

Maintaining your industrial cladding with a regular clean, not only maintains a smart corporate image for your company but it can extend the lifespan of your unit, while at the same time reducing the maintenance and repair costs to your business.

It is also advised by some manufacturers that regular cleaning of your cladding may be required in order to maintain the buildings warranty.

The Benefits

By booking a regular clean you help to eliminate the possibility of corrosion, discolouration, or damage to the cladding surface caused by algae, mould, moss and lichens,.

We use a soft wash method using road traffic film remover, together with the pure water fed pole system, allowing us to safely clean up to a height of 50 feet.

We prefer this method as opposed to harsh cleaning methods such as pressure washing.

The pole system is also much safer and reduces the cost of the job, as it eliminates the use for, and inconvenience of scaffolding, access platforms, ladders etc.