Windows & Conservatories

Windows & Frames

Our fully insured teams use traditional window cleaning methods together with state of the art high level pure water reach and wash units, allowing window and facade cleaning to a height of 60ft utilising professional tools and equipment.

Window Frames

Included in the price of every window-clean is the cleaning of associated window frames and windowsills to guarantee that your property is left in a pristine condition.

Deionized Water

Our filtered and deionised water is free from minerals, chemicals and additives found in regular tap water. This ensures no streaks or watermarks (also known as limescale) are left behind.

High Reach, Commercial & Industrial

Our high reach cleaning poles extend to over 60 feet, enabling us to clean larger buildings such as multi storey houses, commercial and industrial units. In most cases we can carry the service out from the ground, without specialist access equipment.

Conservatories & Conservatory Roofs

Conservatories are part of the home and can be included in our regular cleans or on a per request basis. We can clean them from top to bottom including the roof, even if it is polycarbonate.

We can also clean aspects of plastic & composite works on your property such as facias, soffits and cladding. To find out more about these and the other surfaces we can clean, click below to visit our UPVC, Garages & Polycarbonate page.

We Can Also…

Insides of Windows

We can carry out a clean of the inside of any windows upon request, we do this using traditional window cleaning methods.

Fencing & Ironmongery

Depending on material and finishes we can clean all sorts of fencing, gates and certain ironmongery. Just get in touch and we will tell you if we can help.

Structures & Coverings

Structures with glass, metal plastic or good quality painted surfaces are all within our remit. Just some of which include: Orangeries, car ports, lean tos and much more.


Keeping up the appearances of your business speaks volumes, we can regularly clean signage for commercial buildings, shop fronts, industrial units and business park signage just to name a few.