SkyVac Gutter Cleaning

Why Gutters Need Cleaning

Gutters can accumulate a lot of debris from trees & leaves over the winter, also moss from roofs can cause blockages in the gutter or down pipes. This will inevitably cause the gutter to overflow which is especially bad for your roof because standing water in a gutter can get up under your roofing and begin to rot your fascia and sub roofing.

Brickwork can also be damaged from overflowing water causing damp problems, mould etc. SkyVac is a quick, safe and cost effective way to prevent these types of damage to your property.

Don’t risk blocked & overflowing gutters causing dampness & property damage.

Looking get the outside and surrounding UPVC cleaned as well?

On request we can also offer to clean the outside of the gutters and surrounding UPVC using our high reach brush and deionised water system.  We gently brush the surface clean, removing all stubborn surface dirt and leave both the inside and the outside of your gutters clean.  To find out more click below to visit our UPVC, Polycarbonate & Garages page.

What is SkyVac?

The SkyVac gutter clearing system is a unique machine and is a highly adaptable cleaning & maintenance tool. Within a matter of seconds it can change from a 3000watt gutter clearing vacuum system into a high level cleaning & dusting system then back into a high level inspection camera system. It is the ideal solution for high safe cleaning of such items as gutters, cameras, vents, lights and ducting in places like shopping centres, offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, airports.

Watch the SkyVac in action

See the benefits, quality and capabilities of the SkyVac system

The Benefits

Cost Effective

No need for expensive scaffolding, towers, access equipment.

No Mess

SkyVac sucks gutters clean (wet or dry), ensuring rainwater flows un-obstructed and freely from your gutters.

Guaranteed Results

With the onboard camera & monitor inspection system (recordable image with night view) we can precisely see all areas of the guttering so that we can guarantee nothing is missed.

Prevents Property Damage

SkyVac prevention is better than costly repairs to properties being damaged by blocked or overflowing gutters.

Access to High / Difficult to Reach Places

Easily reaches 40+ ft which means that Skyvac allows access to restricted areas above (conservatories, extensions, roofs).


A safe solution to access hard to reach areas without the user of ladders. It also meets latest health & safety regulations.